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Films schedules for Wellington and Christchurch.
Movie session times for all cinemas, all on the same page.

Wellington: films on Monday, 22 April


04 384 7657
10:20am, 3:20pm Captain Marvel
1:05pm Dumbo
3:40pm, 6:20pm Hellboy
9:00pm Jersey
8:45pm Kalank
12:30pm, 2:55pm, 5:50pm, 8:40pm Shazam!
12:25pm The LEGO Movie 2
6:00pm Us
04 388 5555
5:30pm Captain Marvel
6:50pm Daffodils
11:30am, 2:35pm Missing Link
8:35pm Pet Sematary
4:25pm, 8:00pm SHAZAM!
1:20pm, 3:25pm The Lego Movie 2
11:15am, 12:55pm Wonder Park


04 384 3157
3:00pm, 7:30pm Captain Marvel
1:00pm, 5:30pm Daffodils
10:30am, 12:50pm Dumbo
11:00am Older Than Ireland
12:45pm, 3:00pm, 5:15pm, 7:30pm Red Joan
3:00pm, 5:15pm The Aftermath
10:30am, 12:45pm The Lego Movie 2
7:30pm Thunder Road
10:30am, 5:00pm Where Hands Touch
3:00pm, 7:30pm Woman at War
04 939 7557
12:40pm Dumbo
5:45pm Five Feet Apart
3:35pm, 8:20pm Hellboy (2019)
11:30am, 6:00pm Little
9:50am, 11:50am Missing Link
1:50pm, 8:30pm Pet Sematary (2019)
3:00pm, 8:10pm Shazam!
10:20am, 3:55pm The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
6:10pm Us
9:40am, 1:45pm Wonder Park
04 801 4601


04 385 3337
Light House Cuba
11:30am, 3:45pm, 6:15pm Daffodils
2:30pm Older Than Ireland
11:00am, 1:30pm, 3:15pm, 7:45pm Red Joan
12:40pm, 6:00pm Soldiers Without Guns
8:00pm Us
10:45am, 4:15pm Vai
1:15pm, 5:30pm, 8:15pm Woman at War
04 939 2061
Light House Petone
3:00pm Captain Marvel
1:00pm, 6:15pm, 7:30pm Daffodils
11:00am Dumbo
2:30pm Older Than Ireland
10:45am, 1:15pm, 3:30pm, 5:45pm, 8:00pm Red Joan
12:30pm, 5:15pm Shazam!
12:45pm, 5:00pm Soldiers Without Guns
2:45pm The Guilty
7:15pm The Heart Dances
10:00am, 12:15pm The LEGO Movie 2
8:15pm Us
10:15am, 4:15pm Vai
10:30am, 3:15pm, 5:30pm, 7:45pm Woman at War
04 234 6770
Light House Pauatahanui
3:15pm Captain Marvel
8:15pm Daffodils
10:45am Dumbo
1:00pm, 5:45pm, 8:00pm Red Joan
11:15am, 3:45pm The LEGO Movie 2
1:30pm, 6:00pm Woman at War