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Films schedules for Wellington and Christchurch.
Movie session times for all cinemas, all on the same page.

Wellington: films on Monday, 22 October


04 384 7657
12:10pm, 3:05pm, 5:50pm, 8:40pm A Star is Born
9:00pm Bad Times at the El Royale
3:00pm Badhaai Ho
3:10pm, 6:00pm First Man
12:30pm, 8:50pm Halloween
10:15am, 12:40pm My Hero Academia: Two Heroes - Japanese Version
6:10pm Venom
04 388 5555
12:35pm, 3:15pm, 6:00pm A Star is Born
2:15pm First Man
12:15pm, 5:00pm King of Thieves
7:00pm Venom


04 384 3157
11:30am, 2:15pm, 5:00pm, 7:30pm A Star is Born
7:40pm BlacKkKlansman
11:00am Christopher Robin
2:15pm, 5:00pm, 7:30pm First Man
10:00am Johnny English Strikes Again
12:00pm, 3:15pm, 5:30pm King of Thieves
3:15pm, 5:30pm Ladies in Black
1:00pm RBG
7:45pm Stray
1:15pm The Seagull
11:00am Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist
04 939 7557
10:00am, 2:50pm, 7:45pm A Star is Born
12:40pm Disney's Christopher Robin
2:30pm, 7:30pm First Man
2:05pm Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
4:00pm, 8:00pm Halloween (2018)
10:10am, 5:20pm King of Thieves
6:15pm She Shears
12:20pm Smallfoot
10:05am Teen Titans GO! to the Movies
11:55am The House with a Clock in Its Walls
5:30pm Venom
04 801 4601
6:00pm A Simple Favour
10:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm A Star Is Born
12:30pm, 3:30pm, 9:10pm Bad Times At The El Royale
10:30am Christopher Robin
6:30pm Crazy Rich Asians
10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm First Man
10:10am, 12:20pm, 2:30pm, 4:50pm, 7:00pm Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
10:40am, 1:20pm, 3:40pm, 6:20pm, 8:40pm, 9:20pm Halloween
11:20am, 1:40pm, 4:00pm, 6:00pm Johnny English Strikes Again
1:30pm, 3:50pm, 6:20pm, 8:40pm King Of Thieves
10:00am Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups
10:00am, 11:00am Smallfoot
1:10pm, 3:40pm The House With A Clock In Its Walls
10:40am, 1:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:10pm, 8:50pm Venom


04 385 3337
Light House Cuba
11:30am, 2:15pm, 5:00pm, 7:45pm A Star is Born
11:45am, 3:00pm, 8:00pm First Man
1:00pm, 5:45pm RBG
11:15am She Shears
6:30pm SMS 2018 KOREAN FOCUS
4:00pm, 8:15pm Stray
04 939 2061
Light House Petone
12:00pm, 2:45pm, 5:30pm, 8:15pm A Star is Born
7:30pm BlacKkKlansman
12:50pm, 4:45pm Book Club
10:30am Christopher Robin
10:15am, 2:15pm, 5:00pm, 7:45pm First Man
11:15am, 3:40pm, 8:00pm King of Thieves
1:00pm Ladies in Black
3:15pm RBG
12:30pm, 3:00pm She Shears
10:00am Smallfoot
10:45am, 1:30pm, 5:50pm Stray
5:15pm Venom
7:00pm Zama
04 234 6770
Light House Pauatahanui
2:30pm, 5:00pm, 8:00pm A Star is Born
10:30am Christopher Robin
11:45am, 5:15pm, 7:45pm First Man
12:45pm RBG
10:00am She Shears
2:45pm Venom