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Films schedules for Wellington and Christchurch.
Movie session times for all cinemas, all on the same page.

Wellington: films on Monday, 18 November


04 384 7657
10:25am, 1:10pm, 9:00pm Charlie's Angels
1:00pm, 5:50pm, 8:30pm Ford v Ferrari
10:00am, 3:45pm, 6:10pm Jojo Rabbit
10:30am, 12:20pm Last Christmas
2:40pm, 8:35pm Stephen King's Doctor Sleep
04 388 5555
1:00pm, 8:30pm Charlie's Angels
10:30am, 3:15pm Jojo Rabbit
11:00am, 3:45pm Last Christmas
12:45pm, 5:30pm Stephen King's Doctor Sleep


04 384 3157
4:00pm Ailo’s Journey
11:00am, 1:00pm Bellbird
10:40am, 3:15pm Ford v. Ferrari
3:30pm Hillary: Ocean to Sky
3:30pm Jojo Rabbit
1:15pm Judy
11:00am, 8:20pm Last Christmas
11:00am Photograph
1:10pm, 8:00pm Portrait of a Lady on Fire
1:30pm, 6:00pm Ride Like a Girl
04 939 7557
1:30pm As Needed
9:40am, 1:55pm Bellbird
10:00am, 4:00pm, 8:45pm Charlie's Angels (2019)
12:30pm, 8:20pm Ford v. Ferrari
11:40am, 6:30pm Jojo Rabbit
3:30pm, 6:10pm Last Christmas
5:45pm Naples in Veils
3:30pm Terminator: Dark Fate
11:00am The Girl in the Fog


04 385 3337
Light House Cuba
10:50am, 4:30pm Bellbird
3:15pm, 8:15pm Ford v. Ferrari
11:15am, 3:45pm, 6:00pm, 8:30pm Jojo Rabbit
8:45pm Midsommar
1:15pm NT Live: All My Sons
11:00am, 1:30pm, 6:30pm Pain and Glory
1:00pm Ride Like A Girl
04 939 2061
Light House Petone
11:30am, 4:00pm, 6:15pm Bellbird
3:00pm Florianopolis Dream
2:30pm, 8:15pm Ford v. Ferrari
12:45pm, 5:15pm Hillary: Ocean To Sky
11:15am, 1:30pm, 3:45pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm Jojo Rabbit
4:15pm Judy
1:45pm, 5:45pm Last Christmas
11:00am NT Live: All My Sons
8:30pm Pain and Glory
10:00am, 2:15pm, 6:30pm Ride Like A Girl
10:30am Woman at War
12:00pm, 7:30pm Yuli
04 234 6770
Light House Pauatahanui
1:30pm, 6:00pm Bellbird
11:00am, 8:00pm Ford v. Ferrari
11:15am, 3:45pm, 8:30pm Jojo Rabbit
2:00pm, 6:15pm Last Christmas
4:15pm Ride Like A Girl